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The 40 Funniest Words in the English Language—And How to Use Them
Finally, PART IIII

  1. Funambulism
    If you’re looking for a new pastime and prefer extreme endeavors, you could take up skydiving or white water rafting. But you might want to try funambulism instead, which is another way to say tightrope walking.

Example: “I always thought funambulism looked fun—but I’m afraid of heights, so no thanks.”

  1. Widdershins
    Counterclockwise is rather fun to say, but take things up a notch wonky word-wise when referring to which way you’re heading by saying that your walking widdershins, which is another word for counterclockwise.

Example: “I took a path widdershins through the forest.”

  1. Collywobbles
    If you’re experiencing stomach pain or queasiness, whether it’s due to illness or anxiety, then you’re feeling collywobbles, a term for that icky feeling.

Example: “I have some collywobbles happening in my tummy.”

  1. Quomodocunquizing
    While the word looks rather complicated, it’s meaning is simple. Quomodocunquizing is a way to describe something (or someone) who makes money in any way possible.

Example: “He’s a quomodocunquizing businessperson.”

  1. Diphthong
    When you combine two vowel sounds together in one word to create something a little different, then you’re using a diphthong.

Example: “The sound ‘oy’ in boy or toy is a diphthong. So is the ‘ou’ in you or loud.”

  1. Bloviate
    If you were given the task of coming up with a word to describe a person who likes to ramble on, then you might opt for something like bloviate, which is the perfect term for your local windbag.

Example: “That guy couldn’t resist bloviating at the party.”

  1. Gubbins
    While gibbons are the adorable primates that spend their days swinging through the rain forest,
    gubbins is something totally different. Instead of being cute creatures, they’re miscellaneous bits and pieces or gadgets.

Example: “The drawer is filled with random gubbins.”

  1. Blatherskite
    There are plenty of terms for people who like to use words to their full extent (or perhaps even overuse language), which is why we also have blatherskite to describe the kind of person who can’t self-edit and cares more about making noise than making sense.

Example: “My ex is a boring blatherskite.”

  1. Snollygoster
    Any time you cross paths with someone who’s a snollygoster, then it’s time to head in the other direction. Although they may be a person who’s shrewd, they’re also more likely to be the villain than the hero, which means you’ll want to be wary.

Example: “My nemesis is a snollygoster.”

  1. Finifugal
    Finifugal is not only a fear of finishing things, it’s also the term you can put into use any time you get the desire to prolong a final moment or prevent a seemingly inevitable ending.

Example: “I have a finifugal vibe towards this funniest words article I’m reading on Best Life.

That’s my Story and I’m sticking to it! Have a GREAT THURSDAY! people,
stay safe, and whatever you do, don’t forget to laff it up! Peace, I am outta here! Eucman! 😁

q u o t e s o f t h e d a y

“Most Americans said they still like Facebook, but they don’t trust it. So basically,
people feel the same way about Facebook as they do about the McRib.” -Jimmy Fallon

“A new study says that children are suffering bad health effects from eating too much
pizza. The study was explained in a pie chart which children immediately tried to eat.” -Conan O’Brien

“Hasbro has filed to trademark the scent of Play-Doh. Hasbro describes the scent as a ‘sweet,
slightly musky vanilla fragrance with slight overtones of cherry, combined with the smell of a
salted wheat-based dough.’ While kids are describing it as ‘delicious.'” -Seth Meyers

Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes
A man was trying to pull out of a parking place, and bashed the bumper of the parked car in
front of him. Witnessed by a handful of pedestrians waiting for a bus, the driver got out,
inspected the damage, and proceeded to write a note to leave on the windshield of the car he had hit. The note read:
“Hello. I have just hit your car, and there are some people here watching me who think that I am writing this note to leave you my name and phone number. You should be so lucky!” 😳

Wednesdays’ Movie Trivia of the day! What movie is this quote from??? “
“I guess you’ve noticed something a little strange with Dad.”

Answer: “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”
Directed by Steven Spielberg, “Close Encounters” received nine Academy Award nominations, winning in the Best Cinematography category, as well as a Special Achievement Award for Sound Effects Editing. (An interesting note: Richard Dreyfuss, while not nominated for “Close Encounters”, did pick up the Best Actor award for “The Goodbye Girl”). The film was also recognized with a variety of nominations and wins in other entertainment award programs as well, including the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, BAFTA Awards, Golden Globes and Hugo Awards. The American Film Institute lists “Close Encounters” as the 64th greatest film of all time, and it is preserved in the National Film Registry. The film also starred Melinda Dillon, François Truffaut, the wonderfully quirky Teri Garr, and a very speedy (don’t blink!) cameo by The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia.

Thursday’s Movie Trivia of the day! What movie is this quote from???
“Something went wrong, Seth. When you went through, something went wrong.”

Wednesday’s Quizzler is….​
In each sentence below, the name of a fruit is hidden. Each of these fruits end with the word ‘berry’.
You won’t find the word ‘berry’ itself hidden there of course, but try to find the missing part of each fruit to give it its full name.

  1. He looked blue in the face from too much exposure to the freezing cold outside.
  2. Boys, enter at your own risk!
  3. We have a beautiful farm out in the countryside and we own a few goats, duck and one goose.
  4. She got cranky when people pointed out her mistake.
  5. The children are scared of his raspy voice, and stay well away from his house.
  6. After a hard day’s work at the farm, the horse gratefully collapsed on the straw heap.
  7. Too late! The cake had turned into a black charred mass because everyone forgot about it!

Answer: 1. He looked BLUE in the face from too much exposure to the freezing cold outside. – Blueberry

  1. BOYS, ENter at your own risk! – Boysenberry
  2. We have a beautiful farm out in the countryside and we own a few goats, duck and one GOOSE. – Gooseberry
  3. She got CRANky when people pointed out her mistake. – Cranberry
  4. The children are scared of his RASPy voice, and stay well away from his house. – Raspberry
  5. After a hard day’s work at the farm, the horse gratefully collapsed on the STRAW heap. – Strawberry
  6. Too late! The cake had turned into a BLACK charred mass because everyone forgot about it! – Blackberry
    Enjoy your berry feast!

Thursday’s Quizzler is…….
You see me often ladies,
For I am a part of your life.
I sometimes bother babies
But prefer to cause adults strife.
My looks are a sign of your personality.
My strength cannot measure up to yours.
With most people I am there for eternity.
Onto me, water often pours.
Many look to me with pride,
While others wish to change me.
Drifting slowly, my time I bide
Waiting for you to see
That I am just a thing you’re given,
Not something very important.
For I have always been and will forever be dead.

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