Thursday’s Jokes, Quotes, Quizzlers and Teases!


    Quotes from stupid 01

    These are supposedly actual quotes taken from around the world.

    “The effects are fleeting and lingering…” – Overheard in a hallway

    “In Managua, people are cheering in the streets, which are
    deserted.” – CBS reporter during the solar eclipse

    “A trucker called to thank all of the courteous Seattle drivers
    he had run across.” – Announcer on KZOK radio

    “He threw 110 pitches in six innings, and that’s a mouthful!” – CBS baseball announcer

    “An agreement is not an agreement until the parties to the agreement
    have reached an agreement.” – Irish Politician on RTE radio

    “This is the biggest pawn that Israel holds in the whole hostage equation.” – BBC world service.

    “We have two incredibly credible witnesses here.” – Sen. Biden at Thomas
    hearings from Bob Ericson (Marlboro, MA, USA)

    “He’s going to step down ’til he’s back on his feet.” – Vermont Public Radio
    commentator on Jimmy Swaggart’s latest sex scandal

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Have a GREAT THURSDAY!, people, stay safe, and whatever you do, don’t
    forget to laff it up! Peace, I am outta here! Eucman! 😁

    q u o t e s o f t h e d a y

    “A new study reports that older women are doing more and more binge drinking. I
    asked my mom if that was true and she said, ‘I love you, man.'” -Conan O’Brien

    “A 16-year-old boy in Bosnia broke a world record this week by smashing 111 concrete
    blocks with his head in 34 seconds. Get an Xbox! You don’t have to do that. When asked
    how it felt to break the world record, the boy said, ‘Lampshade tricycle is my
    favorite flavor of pizza truck.'” -James Corden

    “Arby’s is facing multiple lawsuits currently, after a data breach exposed the credit card
    information of over 350,000 customers. The data breach could reveal potentially embarrassing
    information, like the fact that they ate at Arby’s.” -Seth Meyers

    Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes
    An Indian chief had three wives, each of whom was pregnant. The first gave birth to a boy. The chief
    was so elated he built her a teepee made of deer hide. A few days later, the second gave birth, also to
    a boy. The chief was very happy. He built her a teepee made of antelope hide. The third wife gave birth
    a few days later, but the chief kept the details a secret. He built this one a two story teepee, made out
    of a hippopotamus hide. The chief then challenged the tribe to guess what had occurred.
    Many tried, unsuccessfully. Finally, one young brave declared that the third wife had given birth to twin boys.
    “Correct,” said the chief. “How did you figure it out?”
    The warrior answered, “It’s elementary. The value of the squaw of the hippopotamus is
    equal to the sons of the squaws of the other two hides.” 😳😳😳

    Wednesday’s’ Movie Trivia of the day! What movie is this quote from??? “
    “Just thought I’d ask on the off chance, you know… like “faint heart” and that. Well, there goes that dream. Well… I best
    go over there and do whatever that thing over there I was gonna do was.”

    Answer: Avatar: The Banshees of Inisherin!
    In one of the most remarkable performances I’ve ever seen in a film, actor Barry Keoghan, playing Dominic Kearney, gets up the courage to approach his friend’s sister Siobhan Súilleabháin (Best Supporting Actress nominee Kerry Condon) and asks if she’d consider a relationship. Dominic is something of a simpleton, but deceptively so as at subtle moments in the film he exhibits signs that there’s more to him than one might expect. Mr. Keoghan was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance here in the tragicomedy “The Banshees of Inisherin”.

    Thursday’s Movie Trivia of the day! What movie is this quote from???
    “This sign was beautiful then. And now… feels as though lots of things are like that these days. Broke down, beat up. Rotten. I really like what you guys did.”

    Wednesday’s Quizzler is….​
    There is a common English word that is nine letters long. Each time you remove a letter from it,
    it still remains an English word – from nine letters right down to a single letter. What is the original
    word, and what are the words that it becomes after removing one letter at a time?

    Answer: The base word is startling
    starting – staring – string – sting – sing – sin – in – I
    starling – staring – string – sting – sing – sin – in – I

    Thursday’s Quizzler is…….
    For every number, read the lettered clues and try to find what that clue refers to. Once you have found out all the words in that section, put them together to try to make a single, larger word. The lettered clues are in the order they are in the word. The spelling may be off, so you will have to sound it out.


    A) Not out: _ _
    B) One two three: _ _ _ _
    C) Slang for mother: _ _
    D) To avoid: _ _ _ _


    Try the following.

    a) Can’t hear: _ _ _ _
    b) Opposite of out: _ _
    c) 9th in alphabet: _
    d) Stay away from: _ _ _ _

    a) To fool: _ _ _ _
    b) To lap: _ _ _ _
    c) Eaten: _ _ _

    a) For every: _ _ _
    b) Nickname for sister: _ _ _
    c) A portable shelter: _ _ _ _

    a) Plus: _ _ _
    b) Green in French: _ _ _ _
    c) Must have them to see: _ _ _ _
    d) Deliberate intention: _ _ _ _ _

    a) Greek “a”: _ _ _ _ _
    b) To exist: _ _
    c) To touch lightly so as to cause laughter: _ _ _ _ _ _

    a) Prefix for remove: _ _
    b) A gentleman of rank: _ _ _ _
    c) Qualified: _ _ _ _

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