Wednesday’s Jokes, Quotes, Quizzlers and Teases!

WELCOME to Wednesday, October 18, 2017.                  
OLD WANTS never die, they become needs
OLD WATCHMAKERS never die, they just run out of time
OLD WATCHMAKERS never die, they just unwind
OLD WATCHMAKERS never die, they just wind down
OLD WEATHERMEN never die, they reign forever
OLD WHITE WATER RAFTERS never die, they just get disgorged
OLD WOOL COATS never die, they just become mothballed
OLD WRESTLERS never die, they just lose their grip
OLD YACHTSMEN never die, they just keel over
WALT DISNEY didn’t die, he’s in suspended animation
There is no conclusive evidence about what happens to old skeptics, — but their future is doubtful.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Have a wonderful Wednesday people and whatever you do, don’t forget to LAUGH IT UP! Peace, I am outta here, Eucman!
“The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it.”
–Napoleon Bonaparte
“Be sincere; be brief; be seated.”
–Franklin D. Roosevelt
“Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.”
–Fletcher Knebel
G U A R A N T E D T O M A K E Y O U L A F F…. 
Three retirees, each with a hearing loss, were taking a walk one fine March day.
One remarked to the other, “Windy, ain’t it?”
“No,” the second man replied, “It’s Thursday.”
And the third man chimed in, “So am I. Let’s have a coke.”😎
Tuesday’s Movie Trivia of the day!‘ What movie is this quote from???  
‘Put the candle BACK!’
ANSWER: Young Frankenstein! Best comedy ever. 


Wednesdays Movie Trivia of the day!‘ What movie is this quote from??  

 ‘You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.’


Tuesday’s Quizzler is……….
What is represented by this?
Jack’s Saturday
Your Tuesday 92
Bob’s Sunday
Your Thursday 24
Jill’s Wednesday
Your Friday 70
Alison’s Monday
ANSWER: Your days are numbered.

Wednesday’s Quizzler is……….
Starting with a one-letter word, add a letter and rearrange the letters to produce the next word. A clue is given for each.
Maybe your car can do 0 to 60 in 10 seconds, but can you do 0 to 10 in 60 seconds? Get out the stopwatch! This one is a little easier than the previous ones …
The hint gives the starting letters of the even numbered words.
1. Roman one
2. Ratio of ‘circumference : diameter’ for circles
3. Edible homonym of #2
4. Long poem or film about heroic deeds
5. ‘There’s a _____ on his head’ (a reward)
6. Give the main points of a story
7. Contents of Cordon Bleu book
8. Money taken in from sales
9. Likely to cause the most unpleasant sensations of fear
10. Particular, belonging separately to each
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