Thursday’s Jokes, Quotes, Quizzlers and Teases!


WELCOME to Thursday September 6, 2018.

What a difference 30 years makes….
1978: Wore long hair/2018: Longing for hair.
1978: Sitting around thinking of the perfect high. 2018: Sitting around thinking of the perfect high yield mutual fund.
1978: Finding a friend to split the price of a keg/2018: Finding a friend to take me to have an EKG.
1978: Sitting through sessions of Acid Rock. /2018: Sitting through sessions of Acid Reflex.
1978: News stories of people growing pot./2018: The reality of growing a pot belly.
1978: Watching John Glenn’s historic flight with my mother and sister./2018: Watching John Glenn’s historic flight on the internet with my grandchildren.
1978: Trying to look like Richard Roundtree or John Travolta./ 2018 Trying NOT to look like Richard Roundtree or John Travolta.
1978: Chewing on seeds and stems./2018: Chewing on lots of Kale and Spinach.
1978: Popping pills, smoking joints./2018: Popping joints, needing those pills.
1978: Noting our president’s struggle with Fidel./2018: Noting our president’s struggle with truth and infidelity.
1978: Getting out to a new, hip joint./ 2018: Getting a new hip joint.
1978: Listening to the Rolling Stones./2018: Struggling with Kidney stones.
1978: Friends who wouldn’t get their hair cut./2018: Children begging to get their heads shaved.
1978: Talking to friends about taking acid./ 2018: Talking to friends about taking antacid.
1978: “Whatever” was a typical response./2018: “That Depends” is the way to go as well the thing to wear.😁
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Have a wonderful Thursday people and whatever you do, don’t forget to LAUGH IT UP! Peace I am outta here, Eucman!😁😎


A friend had a waitressing position open at his diner and asked job seekers to fill out an application. Under “Salary Expected,” a woman wrote “Friday.”

The highlight of our zoo trip was a peacock showing off its plumage. My four-year-old son was particularly taken with it. That evening, he couldn’t wait to tell his father: “Dad, guess what! I saw a Christmas tree come out of a chicken!”

Driving in Ohio, we spotted a sign that read, “Wildlife Refuge.” Seeing a dead deer lying in front of it, my husband shook his head. “He almost made it.”😱😐


G U A R A N T E D T O M A K E Y O U L A F F….

A man is lost in the desert.  He used up the last of his
water three days ago and he’s lying, gasping, on the sand,
when in the distance he suddenly hears a voice calling
“Mush! Mush!”

Not trusting his ears he turns his head and there it is
again, closer this time — “Mush! Mush!”

Propping himself up on one elbow he squints against the sun
and sees, of all things, an Eskimo in a fur coat driving a
sled with a team of huskies across the dunes.  Thinking that
it’s a hallucination, he blinks and shakes his head, but
it’s for real!  He painfully lifts one arm and in a cracked
voice calls, “He-elp!”

The Eskimo pulls the sled up by him, the huskies panting in
the heat, and he says to the Eskimo, “I don’t know what
you’re doing here, or why, but thank God you are!  I’ve been
wandering around this desert for days, my water’s all gone
and I’m completely lost!”

The perspiring Eskimo looks down at him and says, “You think
YOU’RE lost!”😐


Wednesday’s Movie Trivia of the day!‘ What movie is this quote from??? “Ha! I could just see Little and Large prancing around Sheffield with their widges hanging out. Now that WOULD be worth 10 quid.” “Don’t be so bloody daft. We were just saying…”  “Widges on parade! Bring your own microscope!”

ANSWER: The Full Monty! In this scene unemployed former steelworkers Gerald (Tom Wilkinson), Gaz (Robert Carlyle) and several of their former workmates are in a Job Center in Sheffield, England, where they are supposed to be trying to find new jobs. However, Gerald is the only one making an effort. The conversation (by everyone except Gerald) turns to how the male stripper group The Chippendales was selling about a thousand tickets at 10 quid each for a local show (quid is British slang for an English pound).  When one of Gaz’s friends says that he thought they could do that, Gerald explodes in laughter and says line one. Gaz tries to explain with line two and Gerald continues with line three. “The Full Monty” tells the story of how six unemployed former steel workers form a male striptease act in order to make some money, even though their dancing skills are minimal and their physiques are less than impressive. In order to help sell tickets, they claim they will go “the full monty” (British slang for the whole thing, i.e., total nudity).

Thursday’s Movie Trivia of the day! What movie is this quote from??? “Mama. What’s vacation?”  “Vacation’s when you go somewhere… and you never come back.”

Wednesday’s Quizzer is…….

What is the next letter in this fairy tale sequence?
G, D, S, B, H, S, ?? 

Answer: D. These are the first letters of Disney’s seven dwarfs: Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, Happy, Sleepy, Doc

Thursday’s Quizzer is…

In each group below, the three words end in the same three letters, so they look like they should rhyme, but they don’t. See if you can figure out the missing letters in each group.
Example: plo___, tho___, to___ would be plough, though, tough.

1. eng___, f___, mar___
2. c___, car___, s___
3. ag___, g___, h___

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