Tuesday’s Jokes, Quotes, Quizzlers and Teases!

WELCOME to Tuesday January 8, 2019.
The Funny Side of Marriage…..

* One woman said to another, “Aren’t you wearing your
wedding ring on the wrong finger?” The other replied,
“Well, yes, but I married the wrong man.”

* Getting married is very much like going out to a
restaurant with friends. You order what you want, then
when you see what the other fellow has, you wish you
had ordered that.

* Marriage is an institution in which a man loses his
bachelor’s degree and the woman gets her master’s.

* Young Son: Is it true, Dad, I heard that in some parts
of Africa a man doesn’t know his wife until he marries
her? Dad: That happens in most countries, son.

* A man once said, “I never knew what real happiness was
until I got married; and then it was too late.”

* A man took out a classified ad saying “Wife wanted”. The
next day he received a hundred responses saying “You can
have mine.”😁

* Some men define marriage as a very expensive way to get
your laundry done free.

* And some learn that the most effective way to remember
your wife’s birthday is to forget it once.

* When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you
know that either the wife is new – or the car is.

* Husband: “You know, I was a fool when I married you.”
Wife: “Yes, dear, but I was in love and didn’t care!”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! HAVE A GREAT TUESDAY PEOPLE! Whatever
you do, don’t forget to LAFF IT UP! Peace, I am outta here, Eucman! 

“There’s a new workout where people crawl like a baby. It’s a new thing, because

it strengthens your core while working your shoulders and hips. In response,
babies were like, ‘Have you seen our bodies?'” -Jimmy Fallon

“Here in California, some Starbucks stores have begun selling beer and wine.
When asked why, a spokesperson for Starbucks said, ‘Because sober people
don’t buy Michael Buble CDs.'” -Conan O’Brien

“Apple’s top designer has created a special Christmas tree that does not feature

any lights or decorations. Said the designer, ‘I didn’t know this was due today.'” -Seth Meyers  



Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes… 
A man tell his friend, “I went to my doctor to see if he could help me give up smoking.”  “What did he say?”

“He suggested that every time I felt like a smoke I should reach for a bar of chocolate.”  “Did that do any good?”

“No, I can’t get the chocolate to light.” 😳 

Monday’s Movie Trivia of the day!‘ What movie is this quote from???
“Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?”


Answer:  The Breakfast Club!  The character of John Bender is played by Judd Nelson. He depicts a rebellious high school student, and he says this to his school principal in this 1985 film. The film is about five high school students who have to serve Saturday detention together. The teens are all from different walks of life, but during the course of the film, they find that they have more in common than they think.

Tuesday’s Movie Trivia of the day! What movie is this quote from???

“I’m gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge.”


Monday’s Quizzer is…….

When you behead a word, you remove the first letter and still have a valid word. You will be given clues for the two words, longer word first.

Example: Begin -> Sour, acidic
Answer: The words are Start and Tart.

1. Time past -> Leave
2. Street -> Event location
3. Ends “Our Father” -> Fathers
4. Shared an opinion -> Excessive desire for something
5. Misuses; harms -> Multi-passenger vehicles
6. Pursue lofty goal -> Pointed tower top
7. Sum total -> Climb on
8. Stay away from -> A gap; empty

Answer: 1. Ago -> Go
2. Avenue -> Venue
3. Amen -> Men
4. Agreed -> Greed
5. Abuses -> Buses
6. Aspire -> Spire
7. Amount -> Mount
8. Avoid -> Void


Tuesday’s Quizzer is…….
In English, “re” is a prefix usually meaning “again”, such as in “rebuild” (build again).
However, there are many words starting with “re” which have a totally different meaning without the “re”.

You will be given two definitions, one for a word starting with “re”, and one for the

remaining word without the “re” (either definition could be given first).
Example: vehicle wheel / cease employment
Answer: tire / retire

1. newspaper employee / hotel employee
2. one who belongs / bring past event to mind
3. unit of money / not long ago
4. money for the poor / kingdoms
5. income / event location
6. couple / fix
7. arrived at / felt long-term pain
8. at ease / cause sharp pain



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