Friday’s Jokes, Quotes, Quizzlers and Teases!


Here’s The Story…..
A man and his wife were making their first doctor visit, the wife being pregnant with their first child.
After everything checked out, the doctor took a small stamp and stamped the wife’s stomach with indelible ink.
The couple was curious about what the stamp was for, so when they got home, the husband got out
his magnifying glass to try to see what it was.
In very tiny letters, the stamp said, “When you can read this, come back and see me.” 😳😳
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Have a GREAT WEEKEND people, stay safe, and whatever you do, don’t
forget to laff it up! Peace, I am outta here! Eucman! 😁

q u o t e s o f t h e d a y

“A new study reveals Americans are getting fatter and giving up on their diets.
The study was conducted by going to a water park for five minutes.” -Conan O’Brien

“They’re considering a new 10-cent fee on grocery bags here in New York. My mom
said, ‘Who’s laughing at the eight-thousand bags under the sink NOW?'” -Jimmy Fallon

Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes
In my sociology class, we were instructed to write down answers to some questions the teacher was asking.
“Next question,” announced the instructor. “How would you like to be seen by the opposite sex?”
I was thinking about my answer when the young woman next to me turned and asked,
“How do you spell ‘intellectual?'” 😳😳😳

Thursday’s’ Movie Trivia of the day! What movie is this quote from??? “
“Look, I guarantee there’ll be tough times. I guarantee that at some time one, or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life…because I know in my heart that you’re the only one for me.”

Answer: Runaway Bride!
She has a history of leaving grooms at the altar. He writes an article about her, without substantiating his facts. After she gets him fired, he becomes determined to attend her next attempt to get married, so that he can vindicate what he wrote about her, and get his job back. Of course he falls in love with her, and ends up becoming her next victim himself. At one point, when they are discussing how her various intended grooms proposed, he suggests this quote as the best proposal.

Friday’s Movie Trivia of the day! What movie is this quote from???
“Yep, life’s a trade off. It’s finally legal to smoke dope, but you have to have cancer.”
“Are you dying?”
“Not today.”

Thursday’s Quizzler is….​
Can you find the one word for each list that can be added to the end of each word
in its list to create a new word, compound word, or phrase?





Friday’s Quizzler is…….
There are two groups of three-letter words used in the sentences below. The first missing words of each sentence
are anagrams of each other, and the second missing words are also anagrams of each other. Can you find them ?

  1. It is only _ that we use a trap to catch a _, instead of having a cat in the house!
  2. To staunch the bleeding from a wound suffered by an animal, people used to _ some hot _ onto the wound at one time.
  3. To _ into the mysteries held within the human psyche and enjoy these mysteries to the fullest, is the objective of any _.

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